Saiunkoku Monogatari 2. Seri
Diğer İsimleri: Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series
Yılı: 2007
Türü: TV Serisi
Bölüm Sayısı: 39
Yapımcılar: MADHOUSE

Shuurei bu seride daha çok engelle uğraşır. Daha çok tehlike onun yoluna çıkar, ama bu süreçte yalnız değildir. Yeni arkadaşlarla tanışır ve onlarda bu sorunlarda ona yardım ederler.

Bölüm Listesi:

01. There's no Place Like Home
02. The Ups and Downs of Life
03. Birds of a Feather Flock Together
04. If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind?
05. Love Is Not Stingy in Giving
06. A Peal of Thunder in a Blue Sky
07. Wholeheartedness Penetrates Stones
08. Exhausting Human Abilities, One Waits for Heaven's Will
09. Meeting the Buddha in Hell
10. The Awaited Person Finally Arrives
11. The Husband is Always the Last to Know
12. If Justice Is Not Allowed to Be Seen, There Will be no Heroism
13. Hurrying Leads to Mistakes
14. Enter the Lion's Den
15. A Short Amount of Time
16. Light Before the Wind
17. Up and Down Seven Times
18. A Long Way After Dark
19. Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch
20. All is Lost That is Given to a Fool
21. A Frog's Child is a Frog
22. An Insect in a Lion's Body
23. Misery Loves Company
24. One Good Turn Deserves Another
25. Even with Trouble, Youth is Sufficient Enough to Pay
26. Even the Wisest Will Flee When They are Fools
27. Better to be the One that Waits than the One Waited For
28. Peaches and Chestnuts in Three Years, Persimmons in Eight Years
29. The Further You Are, the More I Think About You
30. The Silent Firefly's Body Consumed by Love
31. One Reaps What One Sows
32. A Painful Reluctance
33. As the Seasons Change, So Does the Mind
34. Bluer than Indigo
35. Crossing a Dangerous Bridge
36. Fortune is Where One Finds It
37. The Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul
38. Close Friendship
39. Destined Partners Cannot Be Separated

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rasenganmania12 Ekim 2007

bayılıyorum bu seriye! tipler çok eğlenceli!! konusu da hoş...

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